7 Steps to Successfully Submit to an Article Directory

So, you’re done writing your articles and now you’re ready to distribute them in the online arena. To ensure that your articles will not be rejected, follow these steps:

First step is to sign up an account on those article directories that you would like to use for your article marketing campaign. Don’t worry as this will just take a minute or two. Most sites will require a valid email address and some personal information like full name, address, phone number, business name, and site’s URL. Remember, you will not be asked for your credit card and other sensitive information.

Before you submit your articles, ensure that they’re not too short nor too long. Most directories accept articles that contain at least 300 words. As for the maximum number of words, different sites have different rules. But you’ll be on the safe side if you make your articles no longer than 800 words. Besides, online users have very short attention span and they will not be happy to spend more than 5 minutes reading the same article.

No blatant ads. This is one thing that you should avoid at all cost. Do not talk about the products or services that you sell on your article body. Article directories don’t like it and online users hate it. Remember, the only place where you can pitch in your offerings would be on your resource box. Your article body should be focused on giving your readers useful information.

Unacceptable content. Read the terms of services of those sites that you plan to use. Doing this will help you figure out the things that they don’t want their contributors to talk about. Some of them don’t accept gambling articles while others will reject those articles about terrorism and topics that will compromise a person’s or national security.

Check grammar and spelling. Article directories, particularly those that are considered the best are becoming more and more particular about grammar and spelling. I’ve heard from a lot of people that their articles were rejected due to poor sentence construction and wrong spelling. To save yourself some time, I suggest that you manually proofread your articles before you even think about distributing them.

Check the links on your resource box and make sure that they’re working. One of the most common reasons why articles are rejected is because the links on their resource box is either broken or invalid. What I suggest is that you click the links on your resource box before you click that submit button.

Ensure that your articles are 100% unique. Most article directories will reject your articles if they’re copied from other site or if they sound very similar to other articles that are posted online. So, ensure that your content is 100% unique before you distribute them in the online arena.

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